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Our Black Friday masterclass will open the doors to a world of wellness insights that offer more than meets the eye; they improve your overall well-being they impact your energy, confidence, and overall quality of life!
Uncover the Secrets to Total Wellness with Dr. Mia!
Dr. Mia's expertise in gynecology, weight management, hormone pellet therapy, and intimacy solutions can empower you to live your best life!
November 21 @ 7 pm CST
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What You Will Learn From This Webinar:
Valuable insights tips, and solutions that can enhance your life in weight management, intimacy solutions, hormone balance, and gynecology
You'll also learn how to get any expert consult at an incredible 50% off! 
Insights that offer more than meets the eye; they improve your overall well-being, impact your energy, confidence, and overall quality of life 
Dr. Mia & Joseph 
MiBella Wellness Center
Meet Dr. Mia & Joseph:
Dr. Mia Cowan, MD

MiBella's Founder, and Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Mia is amongst the country’s most well-known and respected board-certified gynecologists. She travels throughout the world speaking at corporations, conferences, universities, and churches on insights and strategies for improving the quality of life of women and men struggling with weight gain, fatigue, and sexual dissatisfaction. Her relatable yet medically sound approach to making lasting lifestyle health changes has earned her the title of “The B3 (Beauty, Balance, and Belief) Specialist” by her colleagues and patients.

Joseph W. Brown, Jr.

MiBella's renowned Male Intimacy Coach, and Chief Executive Officer. Joseph's expertise spans across healthy aging, lifestyle balance, and key men's health issues, including Erectile Dissatisfaction (ED). Many of which he himself has experienced, conquered, and mastered! Joseph is a proud co-author of the bestseller "Everlasting Intimacy: Til Death Do Us Part". He has full certification in Male Intimacy Solutions and is passionate about improving the quality of life for men as they mature.

Together, Dr. Mia & Joseph have helped thousands of men & women just like you! Empowering them on their Total Wellness journey, so that they can Live Well, Age Well, and Experience Everlasting Intimacy. 

For the past 13 years at their practice MiBella Wellness Center, they have transformed the lives of Ageless Belles & Beaux through Intimacy Solutions, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Weight Management, Gynecology, and more recently incorporated Laser Hair Removal Treatment, adding even more convenience to an already personalized experience at MiBella. 

At MiBella Wellness Center we emphasize prevention and lifelong wellness offering a traditional AND holistic approach to total wellness for men and women. l  (205) 995-1009⁠
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